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Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) – Cats who “Walk The Walk”

By October 29, 2017 May 21st, 2024 Uncategorized

CH is a non-painful, developmental condition that affects cats to varying degrees.  I am featuring 2 such cats here. 

Brad, an adorable kitten who is severely affected with CH.  He is looking for a home, but it will have to be a special home where he can get the care and attention that he needs. 

See a photo of Brad, and hopefully we’ll have video soon,  on our facebook page at:

Wil – an adult rescue who graced my life from 2008 – 2013.  He was moderately affected with CH.  He was one of the most loving and quirky felines I have ever known.  It is his paw that is in my hand in our “Partners for Life” image.  He is the wanna be’ flame point siamese-type cat in many of the images on this webpage.  Holding hands/paws, greeting me at the door and leaping up to be picked up and hugging were his favorite past times. 

CH is a developmental defect in the cerebellum of the brain, the area responsible for balance and coordination among other things.  The most common cause of this condition is exposure to ‘panleukopenia’ virus during developement in utero or in the early neonatal period.  Development of the core, FVRCP vaccine that we recommend for all cats, greatly decreased the incidence of panleukopenia but cases still occur.  If you have a pregnant cat consult your veterinarian before proceeding with vaccines.  

These cats have ataxia (poor balance), hypermetria (exagerated step), body swaying, wide based stance, spasticity, intention tremors (if they focus on something their head moves) and some also have nystagmus (eyes move rapidly back and forth) and a head tilt.  This becomes evident when the kitten starts to walk.

If the cat has CH but no other developmental defects then symptoms do not progress.

These cats are not in pain they are just uncoordinated.  They can live a long and healthy, happy life in the right home.  Consider opening your heart and home to one today!