FAQ about Healthcare for my pet during COVID-19 and NS State of Emergency

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  • Will my veterinarian be open during the current State of Emergency in Nova Scotia
    • Most veterinary clinics will remain open but with more limited hours and restricted access (My interpretation is a maximum of 5 team members and maximum of 5 people outside the clinic)
    • What does this mean? Every clinic may have slightly different measures in place.  For OUR CLINIC:
    • please call ahead before coming in to pick up purchases and if at all possible prepay over the phone
    • Call when you arrive in the parking lot, if driving, to ensure there are not too many people in the hallway outside the clinic
    • Only one person per pet in the building please to avoid clients exceeding the 5 person limit currently in place by the NS government



  • Will I still be able to get medical care for my pet
    • We are still seeing patients who need medical care. If your pet has vomiting, diarrhea, skin, urinary and eye issues, etc they can still be seen.  If they require an exam and testing for response to treatment or ongoing treatment they will be seen.  Routine visits for annual exams, vaccinations, etc are postponed at this time.  Phone ahead and we will discuss with you
    • If you are bringing your pet in staff will be asking you a series of questions regarding your pets recent history and changes at home.
    • You will be asked to wait in your car or in the hallway in front of our clinic, practicing social distancing of > 6 feet between all individuals
    • Limit of 5 individuals in the hallway at any one time
    • Staff will take your cat at the door (which is locked) and we will phone you (bring your cell phone) to discuss findings, recommendations and treatment
    • All transactions will be conducted at the door to minimize social contact


  • Will I still be able to get foods and medications for my pet
    • Yes you will. Please phone ahead so we can ensure we have what you require and your order ready for you.  Again, prepayment helps to limit social contact for all. 


  • Will it be safe for me to do so
    • We are taking measures to disinfect all surfaces in contact with the public. We are wearing gloves that are washed after every transaction. Hand sanitizer is provided by the door for all to use prior to and following their transactions. Social distancing is being enforced.  IF anyone starts to crowd in the hallway they will be asked to leave.  Limit of 5 individuals outside the clinic doorway at one time


  • We are currently working on implementing telemedicine to help facilitate care for more minor issues while limiting social contact