• Jul 08 2017

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    Most of us are aware that high blood pressure is “not a good thing” although we may not be informed as to the specifics of what it can lead to….

  • May 15 2017

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    Ticks and New Treatment Option – May is Lyme’s Awareness Month

    I am going to sound like a broken record, but am posting again about Ticks and tick control in our feline friends as the season is upon us again.  …

  • May 04 2017

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    If Love Could Have Saved You… you would have lived forever…..

    Yesterday we said goodbye to a very dear member of the Atlantic Cat Hospital Team, Bennie.  It was sudden and unexpected which makes it all that much harder to accept….

  • Apr 27 2017

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    See the Worm Squirm

    Many owners are under the false impression that if their pet does not go outside they are not at risk.  I often hear, “…. I haven’t seen anything in the…

  • Feb 13 2017

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    What Goes In Must Come Out – the Concern About Constipation

    I just want to talk a bit about a condition that can be quite serious in cats.  We take so much for granted in life.  Eating, sleeping and going to…

  • Jan 19 2017

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    Until We Meet Again….

    It is with a sad and heavy heart that I inform all of our friends, that we said farewell to Danny this morning.  Words cannot begin to describe this wonderful,…

  • Dec 26 2016

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    This is a life threatening emergency in cats that is most commonly seen in males, but can also occur in females.  If you notice ANY of the following signs in…

  • Dec 12 2016

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    Ho! Ho! HOLD the Tinsel!!

    The Holiday Season is upon us and with it all of the decorating and celebrating that so many enjoy.  Be sure to keep your holiday Pet Safe this year.  …

  • Dec 09 2016

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    Tick Season and Lyme’s Disease

    It is that season again folks and very important to be ‘aware’ and vigilant. I contracted Lyme’s from a tick bite last summer, out in the Shubenacadie area. Coming from…

  • Aug 07 2016

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    Sugar and Spice might not be Nice…. Diabetes and Cats

    I am always concerned when an owner tells me their cat “drinks and urinates well” as this can be a ‘red flag’ that there is an underlying medical issue.  The…